Why doesn't my hair get and stay as soft as it use to when I started deep conditioning.

When I started my hair journey with the Big Chop I never deep conditioned. A month after I started using a homemade deep conditioner. It left my hair with great results such as shiny, soft, more defined curls. There was a gap of two and a half weeks where I didn't use any hair condition. After that my hair wouldn't come out with the same results as before and they aren't as great. Is this temporal thing or is my hair damaged?!

1 Answer

You haven't said you did anything that would cause your hair to be damaged, so I say no. Hair doesn't just randomly get damaged, so maybe you just need to keep deep conditioning and wait for the softness to come back. Also keep in mind that products work differently depending on (1) how clean/dirty your hair is (2) the weather (2) what products you previously put in it etc hope that helps!