Drugstore conditioners for cowashing?/ transitioning

So after years of daily straightening, I've decided to attempt to go back to my natural hair (3a/3b). It's pretty damaged and dry but I haven't straightened it in 3 months and there is no difference in my hair which is disappointing. Upon further research I've discovered the curly girl method and decided to give it a shot. I want to try cowashing so I got the suave essentials coconut conditioner to cowash with. I wasn't sure what conditioner would be best for RO. I kinda wanted to try the Garnier whole blend olive oil conditioner or the tresemme botanique nourish, any preference for you guys out there? I got the Garnier whole blends leave in conditioner. I also got shea moisture shampoo because i like to DC with coconut oil and olive oil and i dont think cowashing will get that out. Also any recommedations for drugstore hair masks/DC?  Anyways, I know this was super long but i just want to make sure im dong this right. Any tips, advice? Does that seem like a good cowashing routine?  How do you know the differences between what conditioner would be good as a cowash compared to a RO? Thank you!!

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