How to fix over conditioned hair

my hair has been over conditioned for 2-3 weeks i have tried clarifying shampoos regular shampoos everything i got to a salon where they put protein in my hair and styled it and it looked awesome for a few days but it was still over conditioned i don't think the protein was strong enough i was thinking of aphogee PT but idk it's either gonna be really good or really bad , my hair is starting to weaken and fall off maybe it's my imagination but i just feel that my hair is getting thinner i  have thick hair btw and also my curls are starting to be less curly and very weighed down , i'm going to a salon soon to let them check it and also i'm away from home and don't have productsl so yeah plz help

3 Answers

I've been having trouble with over conditioning too. The only real solution (as far as I've experienced) is to wash your hair, and back off on the moisturizing. Don't use anything heavy, like coconut oil or Shea butter. Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo has been working for me. If you really need to, just use a sulfate shampoo. 
and also i was using jessicurls DC and conditioner witch are for dry hair so they are pretty intense and i left them in my hair as a leave in the 1st week i left in the DC and the 2nd week i left in the conditioner yes i know very stupid i did notice that my hair was unusually soft but didn't do anything cause i didn't know that over conditioning was possibles
just start doing protein treatments