Good drugstore deep conditioners that are available in Canada? (CG friendly)

I've been having no luck trying to find a decent drugstore deep conditioner that is CG friendly and available in Canada (west coast), any suggestions?? I can find DevaCurl, but looking for some cheaper options.I have 2c/3a low porosity hair, not damaged just looking to maintain health. PS. Not interested in ordering online - Can't bring myself to pay $20+ shipping and even if the site is Canadian the popular american products often have jacked up prices.

2 Answers

Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Deeeeeep
L' OREAL products are really good . Shea butter with coconut oil is another wonderful product too . Having  a good conditioner is vital to maintain hair texture and health . . BTW , do they have  " Target " in Canada ? Thats where I find my natural hair care products and very inexpensive too . Good luck !