Good co-washers? Ingredients to avoid in co-washes?

My hair is pretty protein sensitive so I'm looking for a regular rinse out conditioner that is good for co-washing AND is mostly protein free. A really moisturizing one would be great. Also I have the Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair series 2-minunte deep conditioner which I really like but dnt know if it will cause buildup or something. Do any of you scientific folk know ingredients to avoid in co-washes? Thank you your reply would be greatly appreciated, I'm desperate (aren't we all lol)

2 Answers

Everyone's hair is different so it's definitely gonna come down to what actually feels good in your hair. Some people say to avoid silicones but others love them. I can't give you an exact list of "product don'ts" but this site lists ingredients found in hair products. Maybe, you can look at your conditioners and see which of these ingredients are in there:
a good conditioner that I use to cowash is tressemme naturals. It really cleanses well and is silicone free. The formula doesn't do well for detangling with me but cleans it amazingly.