hair is thristy!

im looking for a strong rinse out conditioner for 2b-c curls. ive tried curl junkie amoothing lotion, curl junkie aragan beauticurls and shea moisture (yellow line and manuka honey). i also have tried squish to condish with suave naturals coconut. i get mega frizz after using these. when i use coconut oil as a pre poo, i get nice locks until i go outside. im afraid to try new conditioners/deep treatments in fear of results. i need moisture like crazy! what do you like?

2 Answers

Me too! Here are the heavy ish condtioners I use < that have good slip... Aussie moist, HE Hello Hydration, Or HE Smooth (rose)original.Also, I really like OGX new line Hair Butters. They Have 2. 1.OGX Creamy Hair Butter argan oil2.OGX Quenching curls Hair Butter coconut scentI use either of these as a leave in under my styler. They are both very moisturizing . I prefer the creamy argan one , leaves my hair very soft . But I prefer smell of coconut.. I swap back and forth. You can buy at Ulta some walgreens.. One container almost lasted me a year. You only need a small dab applied to wet hair. Good luck!
Not CG , but that's ok with me.... Yes I use the hair butters year round , just smaller amounts in summer time. The have really improved the overall health and strength of my hair. Good luck