Hello Naturals,I really need your help! How do I keep dry, crunchy 4c hair to stay soft?

So, my 4c hair is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery dry and crunchy at all time! Even if It's wet, it still sounds crunchy! I feel like theres no way for me to keep it soft and it is very frustrating. I co-washy hair ones a week and right after I deep condition, but even after deep conditioning my hair feels thirsty and is tangled, even if I detangle it before washing! I even pre-poo! Everyday I use a moisturizer from cantu shea butter and I seal it with some extra shea butter, but it seems like even the shea buttwr can't seal the moisturizer. I just need help please I don't know what to do

2 Answers

On this website under explore it explains porosity. You can find out your hair porosity and then they give you tips on how to help. Hope this helps some!!
my best advice ,  find a moisturiser that you can use daily ... also try using shea hair products for dry brittle hair .