How often should I deep condition my 3c, heat damaged hair?

4 Answers

AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! I say, every time you cleanse your hair, you should also do a deep conditioning treatment. For me, that's once a week. I have blue hair lol so it has been bleached and needs that extra TLC. If you *really* need conditioning, try 2x-3x a week. Apply the deep conditioner, put on a shower cap and just hang out for 30 minutes. Rinse with cool/cold water. 
Yes, I agree. If your hair is heat damaged you should deep condition once or twice a week until your hair recovers. That being said, deep conditioning is not the only solution. You should cleanse your hair as little as possible so you don't dry it out. Cleansing once or twice a week is all you really need. Some tips for deep conditioning: if you want to retain as much moisture as possible, try sitting under a hooded dryer or a holding the hair dryer over your head while you deep condition (wearing a shower cap of course). This will open up your pores and let all the wonderful moisture sink in. If you don't want to use a blow dryer, then exercise or get your body moving to generate your own body heat. Sounds funny, but it works!  
Most packaging will tell you to do it 2-3 times a week, but goodness! Who has that kind of time with 3C hair? Anyway if you have a nice will jar of Ouidad Melt Down sitting around put that in real quick. It will be amazing! 
not only should you deep condition but you should also do protein treatments, heavy ones like aphogee two step once a month or a light one every other week, with the alternate weeks being a deep condition for moisture