I am 14 and it takes me up to 5 hr. to detangle my hair.Please help me I don' want another relaxer.

I am 14 and I have been natural for 2 years. My hair grows very fast and very thick. BAD COMBINATION. I absolutely love my hair but I am already bra-strap length and I have no more relaxed ends and it has only been two years. My hair takes up to 5 hrs. to detangle I am very gentle with my hair I never let my mom do my hair because she is way to rough. I often keep my hair in braids.every time I take it out of braids I get million of question asking " Why i keep my hair in braids when its so long".  I don't want another relaxer. My reasoning for this is because I feel every time an African-american gets a relaxer we are degrading our race. When I had a relaxer it was eating my hair away. I have tried Shea moisture, Coconut co-wash ( AS I AM ), Tresseme naturals, Giovanni, LEkair protein treatment. NOTHING WORKS!! Is their anyone out there that has my problem and if so can you please help me.

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Hey lady! So glad to have read your thoughts on natural hair!... And as such a young age Honey you get a YAS! from me!Anywho, as your hair grows longer, it will take longer to detangle. Maybe you should experiment with homemade detanglers and oils that provide great slip. That would be my first suggestion. Olive Oil, water and a tad bit of conditioner works wonders for my hair- keep in mind my hair is a good deal shorter than yours though. My next suggestion would be to re-evaluate your detangling process. Do you finger detangle? How big are your sections? Do you dry detangle or damp detangle? All of these things can affect the length of time it takes to detangle your hair.My third suggestion would be to not keep the braids in for very long periods of time. I'm not sure how long you currently keep them in as you did not say, but the longer they are in, the more potential there if for matts and tangles to develop. Based on those suggestions here's a plan that I submit for your consideration:1) keep the braids in no longer than one to one and half weeks. 2) coat each braid in oil -lots and lots of oil- prior to removing it for wash day. Detangle as you unbraid and always keep the hair oily as this will help shed hair slip past each other more easily and quickly. Try using a seamless rubber shampoo comb (or just a wide-toothed shampoo comb in general) to aid in the detangle process. 3) braid your hair back up while it is damp or dry and not wet. As hair dries it shrinks. When it shrinks it has the potential to re-tangle. Braiding dry clean moisturized detangled hair will ensure a greater possibility of hair staying that way.* also Cassandre Beccai has pretty long hair and it I don't believe it takes her very long to detangle her hair. Check out this youtube video of her process. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kILs_EkPwhA 
WAZZAP! Well, i'm only 12 and i just went natural, too! Do you get money often? If you do, I suggest buying marshmallow root, aloe vera juice, slippery elm, and flaxseeds! Here's what you do:1. Boil 1 cup of brown flaxseeds in 2 cups of water until a thick gel consistency boils up2. drain the gel and set it aside3. add 3 cups of water to 3 tbsp of marshmallow root and 2 tbsp of slippery elm (distribute the slippery elm evenly around the pot cuz it clumps!) when it gets jelly, strain it4.mix the flaxseed gel and slippery elm/ marshmallow root gel together in a container5. add 1/4 a cup of aloe vera juice (if you want this jelly detangler to be more loose add 1/2 a cup of the aloe juice)6. now sprinkle some REAL lemon juice to preserve it and YOUR DONE!!!BeNeFiTs: holds curls; smooth detangling; defines curls; silkens ( idk if that's a word!) and softens the hair; closes hair cuticle leaving hair SUPER LUPER SMOOTHTiPs:refrigerate to preserve longeradd some apple cider vinegar to enhance the smoothness of your hair!if it doesn't smell so nice, add essential oils P.S. peppermint and lavender smell like HEAVEN!when it starts to stink, it might be spoiled so...i'm sorry, but...throw it awayif your mom doesn't like to shop online, a quick alternative is KinkyCurly Knot Today. it has marshmallow root and slippery elm (the detangling ingredients) but not the other good stuff. it's sold in places like Target and Walgreens and just normal stores.Where To Get Ingredients:Whole Flaxseeds: local grocery stores and Target, tooMarshmallow Root Herb: mountainroseherbs.com or etsy.comSlippery Elm Powder: mountainroseherbs.com or etsy.comAloe Vera Juice: walgreensApple Cider Vinegar: probably IN YO FRIDGE! if it's not then that would be awkward... local grocery storesLemon-s: i don't think i need to tell you that. hopefully.Essential Oils: etsy.com and them handmade online storesprops to MyNaturalSistas cuz i got the marshmallow and slippery elm measurements from her YouTube vidalso props to the gal on GreenBeautyChannel on YouTube cuz I got the flaxseed and water measurements from her. WATCH HER VIDZZZ. SHE'S LIKE A HAIR-ENTISTEnjoy!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old