How do I keep my 4c hair moisturized everyday? My journey just started and my hair is always dry.

I've always been natural but I've never really taken care of my hair. I'm trying to set up a regimen for myself but my biggest problem is keeping it healthy everyday when it's in a protective style.

1 Answer

Your hair may need to be moisturized everyday so you may not be able to keep certain protective styles for as long since they may get messy faster with all the moisturizing. If you want to keep hair moisturized while in a protective style try using the LOC method to moisturize and try styles like maybe two strand twists or some style that allows you to still add a daily leave-in conditioner everyday. Moisturize daily unless you hair feels super moisturized already. If you are shampooing you may want to stop and wash with a conditioning cleanser (co-wash) instead or at least check to be sure that your shampoo has no sulfates, harsh detergents that can dry out your hair. The brands Bigen, Nubian Heritage, and III Sister's of nature have good cleansers/co-washes that aren't too drying. Shea moisture is a good choice too. You can also use a cheap conditioner to wash like V05 conditioner, then you can just shampoo every once in a while (like once a month). I really hope that helps!