I am transitioning and my hair has became very dry. How can I get my moisture back in my hair?

2 Answers

I started the curlygirl method and my hair went CRAZY!!I backed off on co-washing to every other day, and I bought the Shea moisture deep treatment masque, it was about 9 bucks at sally's. I did that once a week, use a shower cap(or put a plastic grocery bag on your head like I did, I'm too cheap to buy a cap, and just secure it with a ponytail holder). My routine was simple, co-wash with sauve naturals, deep condition with tresemme naturals, once a week throw the shea moisture on. Plop after the shower, add gel then put back up for about 10 mins. If all else fails you can throw some olive oil on there with a shower cap, that helps a lot. I did it quite a few times actually...and you can mix it with the shea moisture mask to make it last longer...
use coconut oil!! i use a SMALL amount after every wash and it makes all the diffrence