I have a concerns about protein.

I use Aphogee's Curlific texture treatment when I feel like my hair needs a little life out back in.  After all the CG method is heavy on moisture. So, I do a treatment at least once a month.What I haven oticed is that even though I use this product when I think I think need it, whenever I use any protein (ex. Infusium 23, Joico K-Swiss reconstructor) my end seem to be trashed. I follow up with a moisturizing conditioner, moisturizing leave-in etc.  But, I seem to be dusting and maybe cutting my hair once a month! Which seems to be too much to me. My goal is to use less and less scissors and not cutting more than an inch until 6 months down the road. I don't use heat to deep condition anymore, because I believe it was giving me heat damage, even though I think my hair is low porosity. Am I doing something wrong with protein treatments? ¿¿

1 Answer

to many protein treatments especially for low porosity hair I have low porosity hair and I only do protein treatments once every 2 or 3 months or if my hair starts feeling mushy if your hair isnt getting overly soft and mushy you can probably skip on the protein for a while