Can I cowash my hair everyday?

No matter what products, how much gel, sleeping on a satin pillowcase or using a scarf, my second day hair just does not look good. It's always too frizzy and flat in the back if I pineapple, or smushed on one side if I don't. I end up having to rewet my hair in the shower and I usually use conditioner when I do this. I only shampoo like once a month. Whenever I'm on YouTube, the curly girls usually only wash their hair once a week, and just use a refreshing spray in the morning but that doesn't work for me. Does cowashing everyday break off my hair or dry it out?

3 Answers

Can you? Yes. Should you? Probably not. :P Cowashing won't necessarily dry your hair more, but my hair does get dryer if I wash it a lot more. It can also depend a lot on the water in your area – as snooty as it sounds, I wash my hair with purified water because the water in my area is full of way too much copper (tap water is visibly greenish blue) and other elements that are not good for the hair in those amounts. Messing with your hair that much can also mess with the curl pattern, and stress the hair.Is your hair long enough to pin a couple sections back to disguise odd flat parts? That tends to be my go to.
I usually just let it get wet in the shower to reactivate the product in my hair.  This usually last for 2 days and then I cowash.  
First off, there is no "right way" to take care of YOUR hair. You do what works for you. Use what you like and gives you the results you love. I've been curly/wavy for 4 years now and have used different products to get me where I am today and I'm quite happy. The grass isn't always greener... Below is what I do for my 2b/2c/3a, I have three different patterns and would love a schedule from them as to what their plans are for each day:I co-wash daily (I have no luck with second day hair). I use OGX Coconut conditioner as my co-wash and Kinky Curly Knot today as my leave-in. (I just started using lavender castile soap to shampoo once every 3 weeks. I was using a sulfate/paraben free eczema shampoo.) I use an old t-shirt to wring out my hair. And just recently I began using Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls and Multicultural Curls combined for my best hair. Jelly Soft Curls adds a slight crunch and a fair amount of hold while the Multicultural Curls adds a softness. Individually, I don't like them but when I started using the Jelly (rake and shake method) and then I flip my hair and use the Multicultural Curls (cup my curls and squeeze the excess water out). I use a Jacko-Net to plop my hair for about 15-30 minutes. Then I diffuse the roots.