Should I deep condition my hair after a co-wash?

I usually co-wash my hair and then deep condition it. I do this once a week. Recently I was watching  a hair video, and the lady said that you shouldn't deep condition after a co-wash because the purpose of the co-wash is to add moisture and the deep conditioning is unnecessary (unnecessary moisture). 

2 Answers

If I do a DC afte a co-wash my scalp itches. For me, co-washing does not clean my hair deep enough, therefore I do not DC, just apply more conditioner and rinse out. In the other hand, the moisture thing makes sense. The hair can only absorb so much.
It's a bit harsh and absolutive to say that people who co-wash "shouldn't" deep condition afterwards. It really depends on how your hair handles the co-wash. For some people, co-washes can be drying, to which a deep conditioner is a good following step. On the other-hand, for people who attain moisture from a co-wash, deep conditioning afterwards could (in extreme situations) amount to moisture overload. With that being said, if you have had no problems deep conditioning after a co-wash, you may not want to change that. Do what works for you.