I know that you can wash your hair with twists in. Can i deep condition it as well with them in?

1 Answer

Uh, technically, I'd say yes. Also, depending on what you mean  in terms of efficiency. Shampooing the hair in twist is easy since most naturals shampoo their scalp and just kind of let the shampoo run down there hair, which it can still do in twist. Deep conditioning is little different because you really want to make sure that every strand is coated and if you are just running your hands over your twist, it seems less likely that each strand is getting coated. Instead, I would unravel the twist and condition it. Then you can twist the section back up. If you want to make sure that you wash all the deep conditioner out, you can unravel to wash out the conditioner and then twist back up by section or you can just let water run through your twist to wash out the conditioner.