i would like to know what to use hair to make it grow and heathly cause i am natural for 7 months

beacuse I cut my hair now I use banana and mayo and a Olive oil deep conditioner I want to more and I when comb some strands come out I also wants to no if that natural 

1 Answer

It looks like your hair is doing just fine! Keeping your hair moisturized is most important. Use a water-based leave in conditioner or moisturizer (water is the first ingredient with no paraffinum liquidum or mineral oil in it) after rinsing out your conditioner or you can also use a botanical sulfate-free regular conditioner and leave some in your hair while it is wet or damp. Seal in moisture with an oil, butter or cream or oil and cream. It is normal for your hair to shed especially when you comb it. However, shedding and breakage are different. If you here your hair snapping when you comb it, you are hearing breakage occurring. Try to comb and detangle it only when it is wet or damp and/or has some slippery conditioner or detangling leave-in product in it if you want to minimize breakage. Also, you can try finger detangling your hair. Using only my fingers to comb and detangle my hair is what stopped breakage from combing for me.I hope that helps!