What should I look for in a conditioner?

I just did a greek yogurt mask on a chunk of my hair to see how it would respond. It's now dry and feels very soft (albeit some frizz, but my hair is still damaged). The The yogurt also made my curls in that strand very defined without any product. Are there any special ingredients I should look for in a conditioner that would give me a similar effect? Or should I just do a yogurt treatment on my hair once in a while? My hair hates coconut and glycerin so those are out. Hopefully that makes sense? Thank you in advance!

1 Answer

Since greek yogurt has a lot of protein in it, it sounds like your hair loves protein! Look for conditioners that contain ingredients such as silk amino acids, hydrolyzed oat flour, hydrolyzed silk protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, or keratin, because these are some types of protein commonly found in hair products. Many conditioners that contain words such as "strengthening" or "anti-breakage" on the label will probably contain some kind of protein. You should also continue to do the yogurt treatment if your hair responds well to it.Hope I helped! :)