I recently started to get flakes in my hair, i can't tell if its dandruff or dry scalp?

I have never had dandruff or a flake problem. I am 4 years natural and I am meticulous about taking care of my hair. It is very dense and very curly and I initially thought I wasn't washing it correctly. I was wrong!Granted I live in the east coast and it has been bitterly cold, but once again I have never had this problem before. Now I can't figure out if I should go straight to dandruff treatments or co-wash and do scalp treatments. The flakes are becoming embarassing and my scalp feels different. Help! :(

1 Answer

have you shared your comb or brush with someone recently? I remember my cosmetology teacher telling us that dandruff can be shared, although I don't really believe that lol. But it's a very good possibility that it might be dandruff. Maybe you tried a new product and it didn't havr a good reaction with your scalp? Or maybe it was too oily and is causing the skin cells to clump together so it's rea noticable? My hair is very thick so most of the time my scalp tends to be dry, but I don't have any problems with flaking. I would go ahead and try head and shoulders just to be sure or another diy dandruff treatment. Hope this helps. http://www.naturalhairrules.com/3-ways-treat-dry-scalp-naturally/