I ruined my curls?

I've always been self-conscious about my curls and all I really wanted to do was tame the frizz but I think I ruined my hair forever. I bleached and the dyed the tips ONLY. Just the tips. I did, however, treat all of my hair with deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. I'm not sure what I did wrong because now my hair is dry and brittle and the curls are flat. I feel like such an idiot. In an effort to tame my hair, I destroyed it and now it's worse than ever. I feel like crying. According to the hair types chart, I'm a 3b. I can't upload a picture of my hair because I wear a headscarf. 

1 Answer

Hello, sorry to hear this happened, however don't worry it won't be irreversible, first of all how damaged is it? because if your ends are really damaged then this could be what is making your curls flat. because if your ends are dry and limp so they cannot curl it will affect your whole curl pattern, as the ends won't curl the rest of your hair will have trouble doing so as well. if you want to, chop off the ends and it will probably make a miraculous difference in the bounce and spring   of your curls, you should also do a protein treatment as your hair could be lacking in it, also ensure you have no product residue as it could dry onto your hair and make it seem crispy which could be why it feels dry, hope this helps!