How can I stop my hair from being white when i put in leave-in condition?

When i put the leave -in conditioner in my hair it be white, how can I stop it from being white does it determines How much conditioner I use?

2 Answers

Good afternoon Trogers,I would just try another leave-in conditioner. Your hair may not respond well to that product. Does it turn white in conjunction with another product or are you using it alone? Does it eventually absorb? Best,Amanda
Hi Amanda, Sorry it took me so long to respond. I am just learning how to get online and find my question that I had submitted, to see if they were answered, LOL!  O yes, it turns white when i use it with other products as well as when I use it alone but when I use it alone it really depends on how much I am using in order for me to keep it from turning white. I have just not too long ago found that out .