I stopped using a daily conditioner; I just shampoo and deep condition, am I doing something wrong?

So I'm semi new to the natural life; I big chopped 2 months ago and I am absolutely in love with my coils <3. When I first big chopped, I had no idea what to do with my hair, I can now comfortably say that I have a good regimen down packed. My hair has already come a long way, and I believe I have to be doing something right because well, my hair is definitely growing. But in the beginning of my journey, I read somewhere that there was such thing as "Over-conditioning" your hair; so on wash day, I took out the rinse out conditioner step. Now I just pre poo, shampoo, and deep condition. Throughout the week I use a leave in conditioner, so I figured that compensated for the rinse out step, am I going all wrong about this or am I good?

1 Answer

you can tell that you're  over moisturizing when your hair feels mushy and a strand of hair takes a long time to break when pulled on. As long as this isn't happening you you'll be fine. As for taking out conditioner you should be ok, just make sure to watch your hair and make sure it's not to dry