When am i supposed to deep condition and condition

omg somebody please help me i don't know when im supposed to deep condition my hair or condtiion it. My question is do i have to deep condition or condition  after a co wash and when i shampoo my hair am i just supposed to deep condition or condition oorrr shampoo condition and then deep condition. omg like i said somebody please help me

2 Answers

Deep condition - once a weekCondition- either once a week, or once every 4 days depending on the dryness of your hair
1st Breathe.....for the purposes of retaining length its beneficial to deep condition after every wash. As in on those days you're in the shower washing or cowashing make sure to deep condition. Personally, on the days that I cowash I only deep condition my ends because I use Cantu Conditioning cowash; Its really thick and highly moisturizing and I don't want my hair to feel mushy by going further with conditioner followed by a deep conditioner. On the days that I use shampoo, which is every 7-10 days, conditioning and deep conditioning after shampooing is a must because your hair is starting out on a clean slate of cleanliness it needs to have that extra protection and love of the conditioner and deep conditioner. This video I've attached is from one of my favorite curly heads....Shameless Maya....there's a range of women and this may give you some product ideas for your hair. Hope this helps