I think I have over conditioned my hair.

I have recently had foils and was going back for some more this week so have been conditioning like crazy and doing deep conditioning treatments. My hair is now very frizzy. It is not responding to any kind of conditioner or oil. It is very knotty and stringy. It is not stretchy or like seaweed when wet though. Yesterday I did a protein treatment in an attempt to balance my hair. It hasn't helped yet. I went swimming at a public pool today and my hair looked full and semi normal but still very dry. I did another protein treatment tonight as I didn't know what to do about the chlorine. I think it may have helped a bit but I had to put some product to help with the Knots. The only thing that helps make my hair  managable at the moment is brushing it while wet. My hair is so thin and fine that all of it can fit into 4 curls. I can't afford to lose any more. Before this happened my hair was lovely underneath but the top layer was dry and frizzy with messy stringy curls. Should I keep doing protein treatments or is this from a build up of products?

1 Answer

Here are some photos of my hair once it has dried (and been slept in). This is what I am trying to fix here. Lol Any suggestions welcome.