I use Pantene curl perfection conditioner. Might it be causing frizz? It has steryl alcohol.

I seem to need really thick moisturizing condtioner and this has steryl alcohol and benzyl alcohol. It also has dimethicone. It has worked pretty well in the past but I have been getting major frizz lately and wondered if there is a better drugstore conditioner out there that is just as thick but is more moisturizing and is even better with frizz? Thank you!Also, the last time I was  in the salon I had my hair colored and treated with a product (don't know the name) that is supposed to make it less frizzy and shinier and it had the opposite effect on my hair. It is at an all time high with frizz. It does help when I let it air dry.

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Your curls looks great from your photo! If you suspect it might be the Pantene product, I would try switching to a different conditioner and seeing how your hair reacts. My favorite drugstore conditioner is by L'Oreal EverCurl:http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlproducts/view/97...It sounds like you're on the right track with air drying, heat and anything damaging (like hair color) can cause more frizz. For me the biggest cause of frizz is leaving the house when my hair is not 100% dry yet. If my hair hasn't fully dried then I will definitely experience frizz during the day. Another good way to prevent frizz is by applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair when it is wet (to moisturize) and then finishing with stronger hold cream gel or styling product as the last step in your styling routine. Frizz tends to happen to dry or damaged hair, so if your hair could be suffering from these then make sure you are doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week. For product recommendations, here are the products I like to use:
Thank you ChristinaC! The profile picture is how my hair used to look. I will post a new photo and see what you think. Today I let it air dry and it is a lot less frizzy but I live an active life and cannot wait until it drys to go outside every time. I guess I could try showering at night. It seems so flat, stringy and lifeless?Again thank you so much. Do you think I am a 3A?
Yes you look like a 3A to me. I often shower at night, or if you need to blow dry you can do that using a diffuser with your blow dryer on the cool setting. I know some people have great results getting added volume using a diffuser. This video shows how one woman uses a diffuser for volume on her hair. I also like Ouidad's Texture Taffy for volume because the formula is kind of sticky and that seems to create more texture to my hair when it's looking limp:http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/product/ouidad-wave-create...
maybe this photo of my hair today would help you make some more recommendations. You are so nice to help me! Today I used a co- wash As I am then Pantene Curly condish ( left on while I showered) then used a detangle comb to comb out loose hair, then rinsed out Pantene.  then while sopping wet I scrunched in Shea leave-in condish, then Kinky Curly custard then wrapped wet hair in microfiber towel while I got dressed then let air dry.Wondering if I used too much product or too many products. I get such nice volume when I diffuse but lately the frizz has been bad so I tried no diffuser.
Hi foundmycurls, I have 3a-b curls and I also enjoy an active lifestyle. From the description of how much product you used, it sounds like it is weighing your hair down, as your curls look to be fine. My favorite over the counter lines include the L'Oreal Paris EverCurl line and SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus. Bother are very affordable. In addition, I personally notice that if I shower at night, my hair is a frizzy mess in the morning. I like to shower in the morning, use a small amount of creamy leave-in conditioner and then a dab of gel. I then let it completely air dry without running my hands through my hair. If I notice my hair is stiff or weighed down once it dries, I will use my hands to rub some of the product out with one hand on the front of my hair and the other behind the hair near my neck - then I will rub my hands back and forth. Just be sure to not rub too much or you could cause a bit of frizz. This process usually takes my curls back to life and gives it some fluff. Good luck!