Am I using Coconut Oil wrong?

I know that it's very important to seal your hair with an oil to keep in moisture, so whenever I try, I use coconut oil. But throughout the day my hair becomes crunchy, and I can see pieces of hardened coconut oil on my hair! Am I doing something wrong?

2 Answers

I think you should consider getting deep conditioner every week or twice a week to lock in the moisture . Maybe you should try melting the coconut oil in the microwave then use it while its nice and worm so that it penetrates throughout your entire hair , scalp and all .... I love coconut oils and shampoo .... this is one of my favorite .... 
oil and water don't mix! applying oil to wet hair will only make your hair greasy and it will coat your hair! it's not a styling product so it will not look pretty. try applying it to dry hair as a pre wash and shampoo with curl friendly cleanser after it's been sitting on your hair for a few minutes or hours. make sure you use a hydrating mask or a deep moisturizer. you want to hydrate not lubricate your hair. my blog explains all this