how can I wear my hair down without it getting frizzy or poofy?

my hair is very dry and resistant to hair care products that say they will moisturize my hair. I've tried curl cremes and lotion but nothings seems to help sooth my hair and allow my hair to retain the moisture.Is there any products that could help prevent frizz? Again my hair is VERY thick and I have a lot of hair. my curls are the bomb when they are wet but after my hair drys its not so pretty. Help me please! I'm trying to keep the flat iron out of my head.

2 Answers

Hi there! What products are you using? Please "comment" on this answer and I might be able to help you out :)
Try reading about and trying the LOC method! It helps seal in moisture and prevent frizz. Also, try not to touch your hair a lot while it air dries and air dry in a cool/AC area.