Oh my god! I've been transitioning for about 8 months and can not find ANYTHING to condition my hair that's affordable and does its job. My hair is around 3b and I think its high porosity (Dries quickly, very dry and not soft at all, breakage).I'm looking for some good leave ins and conditioners. My hair does not agree with coconut (by itself) and I have used some protein products which left my hair dry and hard. I've tried the JBCO line, aussie, cantu but none have really worked for me. Any advice, products, tips? If you have the same problem can you tell me your routine? Thanks-Side Note-*When I wear a silk cap my hair takes the form of it (if that makes any sense)*I deep condition weekly and it doesnt seem to do anything but i've heard that adding heat helps.*I have so much breakage 

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