I'm not exactly sure if my hair is suffering from hydral fatigue or not but for about a month my hai

I'm not exactly sure if my hair is suffering from hydral fatigue or not but for about a month my hair has been just all around weird. I feel that it could have been affected by this "wild growth hair oil" that I used a few times on my scalp. The next day after using it and I mean drenching it because I used it as sort of a prepoo treatment my scalp randomly started feeling irritated, itchy and a little tender to the touch and now I'm seeing some shedding and it didn't seem normal, it's more around my edges that I'm starting to see some thinning and I'm sold on thinking it's from this oil I used so now I'm trying some moisturizing deep conditioners to try and heal my scalp and hair. And then I thought we'll maybe I'm over moisturizing now. Helppp!!!

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I've used Wild Growth before, and it's kind of thick (at least using the white one, for me, it is). It contains JBCO, and it may have clogged the pores on your scalp, which is probably what's causing dryness and itch. Your scalp is suffocating under the oil, and if you didn't moisturize before applying the oil, you simply sealed in dryness.You should get a good cleanse on your scalp (like using a shampoo, maybe a detox or clarifying one?) to make sure the oil is off, and next time use less of it. You drenched your hair in it and it's more than likely weighing it down. Your hair may be suffering from hydral fatigue as well from those deep conditioners. Make sure you don't leave them on too too long. Even too much moisture can be a bad thing! Signs of hydral fatigue are overly soft or weak-like hair and hair that has minimal elasticity (it doesn't "bounce back" when you stretch it). Try a protein conditioner/mask/treatment to balance this out. The protein will strengthen your overly soft hair and create a good balance.Overall, I think the way the oil was used is what caused this. Be a bit lighter next time, or maybe your hair just doesn't like the product. Nothing but good 'ol trial and error.Good Luck!