is cowashing my hair daily going to damage my curls?

my curl pattern is mostly type 4a, and my hair texture is a coarser texture. I've been putting my hair in a bun lately because I truly hate the way twistouts and braidouts look on me... so every morning for the past 6 days, I step in the shower, run luke warm water on my hair to loosen up the curls, I put Garnier Fructis damage eraser conditioner in my hair, & use clips to hold different sections of my hair while I slowly finger detangle the free section. then, I add a little more of that same conditioner to my hair (without rinsing), and I use a wide toothed comb to further detangle (I am very gentle during this process)... I then put my hair up using two large clips while I shower (for 10-15     minutes), & THEN I rinse out the       conditioner with luke warm/cold water . I then squeeze the water out of my hair with my hands, shake my head vigorously to relieve it of excess water, and then I apply some leave in conditioner & coconut oil, & then I pull my hair back into a bun, and 

2 Answers

Co-washing may not be necessary, especially for your hair type. Read this article that was published recently on co-washing: are some tips on making the most of your curl definition (without co-washing everyday)
in general, cowashing with straight up conditioner is the gentlest way to cleanse. However, putting hot water on your hair daily and scrubbing will rough up the cuticle, causing some damage. People with your hair type cleanse around once a week, but I don't know your specific properties, so it is very likely that you need to cleanse more often. Try to wash around every 3 days. If you must cleanse more, do it every other day.