is dimethicone bad?

My old standby conditioner had no cones in it (before i even knew what cones were) but it does now, so im serching for a new one and it seems that they all have dimethicone. I am alright with it as long as it can be washed out with my shampoo, do normal shampoos do that? what ingredient should i look for in a shampoo to remove it?

2 Answers

It's a silicone and silicones weigh your curls down which makes ur hair flat.  Sulfates will wash it out but if your using the nopoo method it won't wash out 
Inherently, silicones aren't necessarily bad. However, they are not water soluble, so if you're not using a shampoo with sulfates (ie using a shampoo-free method), silicones won't wash out and will build up on your hair, giving it a flat and dull appearance. Left on your hair for a long time, silicones can also be drying.