Is it okay to regularly use protein in my RO conditioner?

I recently bought Aubrey Organics Island Naturals conditioner as my RO.  I use it when I wash my hair, about 2x a week.  However I heard that using protein regularly will dry out your hair, and my tips are already rather dry enough from past years of damage.... is it still okay to continue with this product or should I return it for something safer?

2 Answers

YES! Protein is GOOD and too many people are afraid of it. Your hair is protein and you need more protein to repair it! The conditioner probably has enough moisturizing products to balance it out, and if you're feeling a little dry, do a deep conditioning treatment. Always try adding more moisture before taking out protein. 
Each person is different. Some hair loves protein, while other hair is full up of protein and can turn brittle if too much is applied.