I've noticed after deep conditioning my scalp will get very itchy. Can anyone help me on this?

3b, 3c, deep conditioning, help

2 Answers

You may be allergic to something in your deep conditioner, but more than likely you're just leaving DC on your scalp and it's becoming irritated! For the most part, conditioning is for the hair shaft, not really your scalp (shampooing/cowashing is for your scalp). Deep conditioners are usually quite thick and will clog the pores on your scalp, and it will cause buildup, which becomes itchy. So try to avoid getting those thick masque on your scalp, and if you do, make sure to rinse it off thoroughly! Good Luck!
I agree with the above answer and to add to it, you'd be suprised with the drying chemicals that are in deep conditioners. Once I started using organic natural ingredient products there was a huge difference. With 100% natural products you should leave them on your scalp to absorb all the nutrients. Healthy scalp equals healthy hair, right? I use Micmas Remix scalp treatment and deep conditioner and it not only got rid of my dandruff but also my itchy scalp. I buy it on Amazon and www.micmasremix.com and my scalp AND hair are at its healthiest. Plus, my hair looks great and is growing much better with less breakage.