How long is "too long" to leave hair deep conditioned?

I find my hair soggy when I do overnight with a plastic cap.I wonder if it is helping or hurting my hair because it is soft afterards but soggy. 

2 Answers

Good afternoon Jslm18,It is possible to overcondition your hair, so I would stick to 15-20 min. Your hair does not absorb any more nutrients after that point. If your hair is feeling mushy, you probably want to incorporate protein treatment. Check out the Top 20 Protein Rich Products.Best,Amanda
yes it can and will harm your hair. Over conditioned hair is just as bad and very dry hair. If you use heat 15 -30 mins, if not and u just use the heat frm your scalp 1-2 hrs is enough. Add a protein treatment to help strengthen the hair in the current state it's in