Moisturzing Conditioner Suggestions

I'm asking all of my Type 4 girls for help here. I have 4b hair,I switched up conditioners a few weeks ago. I now cowash with Herbal Essence's Moroccan My Shine nourishing conditioner.It it has really good slip going in my hair,but when I rinse it feels a bit stripped. I think I'll keep it around as a clarifying conditioner,but I want a conditioner that is packed with moisture. Please help.

1 Answer

I know we don't have the same curl types, but I think "anti-breakage keratain oil," conditioner could be helpful. Currently using it and loving it! Keartain or the Macadamia is great. A once a week hair mask could also help, the Macadamia hair mask is VERY nourishing. All easily found at Target. I hope this helps!