I have 3b/c curly hair and I'm getting stressed out, every time i go for a treatment after the treatment it drys up in 15 min and its so dry after that its like i didn't even put in the treatment, every morning i take a shower to make sure the curls become defined again and moisturized but when i get back it puffs up and gets dry and the curly look lifeless and don't even get me started on how tangled it gets, i can't leave it for one hour un tied without it being dry or tangled I've tried everything i don't know what to do anymore i also have a lot of split ends that if i cut it will make my hair look so short, I'm trying to grow it out so i don't know how to manage my hair and neither does my mom anymore 

3 Answers

Well I would say if you are not following the curly girl method, then you need to. I had the same type of hair and I went CG about 3 years ago. I went and got 6 inches cut off my hair, threw out the shampoo and started co washing. I do deep treatments twice a week (you may need to do it more, or make your own with honey avocado etc) Find a moisturizing leave in conditioner and watch the chemicals,(silicone) and alcohol in your products as it is drying.Don't use terry cloth towels use a t-shirt. I would only use a sulfate free cleanser once a week if needed. It took me about 8 months to get my hair moisturized, and frizz free. Now I can just use a leave in conditioner and no styler and my hair is amazing. You will have to be patient try different products until you find what will work. I highly recommend going CG. Waterlily716 on youtube is CG and her videos are very helpful.
If you are struggling with dry hair and treatments are not working, I would access everything in the hair regimen. Maybe its the treatments. Splits ends aren't helping either; they won't ever let your hair be great. So cut them off. How often are you deep conditioning? Are you sealing your hair with oil? Are you sleeping on a satin pillow case? Fixing dry hair take times, just like damaging hair happens over time. So patience is necessary. I need to know more about your routine but dry hair is totally fixable, in my opinion. NaturallyCurly and Youtube can be your best friend here. 
You shouldn't be wetting your hair every morning. That will def. dry it out, unless you use a leave in conditioner after and seal in the moisture from the water and leave-in with an oil. If you're not really into product buildup or having a lot of product, you should just protect your hair natural moisture during the day with a satin scarf sometimes; and/or protecting it at night by wearing a satin cap or having a satin pillowcase. The only hope for split ends is to cut them off. You're hair will think you. Split ends can move upwards and break off more hair if you put off getting a trim too long. That type of breakage is horrible. Cut off that damage because new hair will always grow with patience and protection. Have a hair routine that keeps YOU in control. Not dryness and split ends.