My hair is very very dry

Okay, so, I have either 3A or 3B hair. The strands themselves are fine, but there are a lot of them, however, there are more in the back and on the sides rather than the top towards my forehead. It is dry as hell, and frizzy. It is so dry, today I shampooed and conditioned, and put no product in, and I tried to comb it into a ponytail when I got out of the shower, and it was too prone to tangles to get the comb through. My friend felt my hair ( she is a hair and make-up type person) and said my ends were not damaged, nor was my hair, and that it felt better than it did last year (when I was not conditioning). I think I need some type of alcohol free, protein rich deep conditioner for fine hair, but I don't know which one. I don't want to waste any money.

4 Answers

I would try jojoba extract. It's very hydrating and it's natural, of course, so you're not putting crap on your head and hair. 
I also have dry 3A and 3B hair. I now only use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. I had to find out my porosity before figuring out what really works for my hair. My hair does not like too much protein. I use the aphogee 2 min reconstructor- light protein every two weeks.  My hair is now recovering from years of flat ironing. I apply giovanni direct leave in, when my hair is sopping wet. For the past week, I use the eco styler argan oil gel for my styler. I put jojoba oil on the ends after my hair is dry or before pineappling for bed. Hope this helps.
Have you tried the LOC or LOCO method? It is a method used for moisturizing very dry hair. LOC stands for Liquid(leave-in/water), Oil, Cream, and LOCO is the same thing except you reapply oil at the end. There are many youtube videos that explain it if you would like more guidance. I hope this helped.
I would recommend a DIY Deep Conditioner with either eggs, greek yogurt or mayo (all containing protein) as the base and it should also contain honey (as a humectant) to help with your frizz and coconut milk to help with your dryness. Everything targeted in one treatment.