Need a change from my usual DevaChan conditioner?

Hello everyone!I've been on the CurlyGirl routine for about a year and half now and am loving it. Problem is, I've been using the same products this whole time--specifically, the No-Poo OneCondition, which is great and all, but it seems my hair's getting a bit tired of it. I have a combination 3a/3b curl, with super wound up spirals near the nape of my neck that loosen up the closer you get to the crown. Except now, it's just weighed down by a tonne of grease--especially since I moved to London from the US about 6 weeks ago, and they say the hard water here isn't the best for curly hair--and anyway, I'm ready for a change. My hair's weighed down, sagging, and overall just sad. It's making me sad! And I'm ready for the bouncy softness it used to have back in New York/PA. I barely use shampoo, and I do the baking soda/vinegar rinse about once a week, but unfortunately that only lasts for that one wash, and that too, isn't doing for me what I want it to (it's still pretty greasy and weighed down). Then I go back to my conditioner and it's grease city again. So any suggestions would be great!Also as a general change, I would lvoe to loosen up my curls, get a more wavy look, just for something different. If you have something in mind for that, thanks a lot!

1 Answer

if I were you I would try a clarifying shampoo just to makesure youve got all of the buildup. Give yourself a clean slate. I want to try the giovanni conditioner as ive heard great things about it. Im in love with the Marc Anthony collection they have products that are sulfate free silicone free paraban free and all that good stuff curly girls look for.