Need help with my regimen.. new to leave-in conditioners and sealing oils

I have 2c-3a curls, with normal to high porosity. In the last 2 years or so, my curls have lost a lot of definition, weight, shine, and moisture. They are just so lackluster! I also have pretty fine hair, so really heavy moisturizers immediately weigh down my hair and make my roots greasy.I'm in need of help for a moisture overhaul! I've been reading about leave-in conditioners and sealing oils, but don't really know where to begin.Right now my routine consists of clarifying shampoo once a week followed by a conditioner, and then a cleansing conditioner in between washes. I've been using Carol's Daughter Marula Oil line, which has worked well with my hair because it is very light, but it doesn't seem to give me the moisture I need. For styling, I also have been trying to do a deep conditioning mask at least once a week (usually DIY with mayo and avocado), and have started to pre-poo with a mix of coconut oil, castor oil (to help with hair growth), and jojoba oil. I'm still very new to this (and have a hard time making the time for the deep conditioning), so maybe I just haven't seen results yet.Any recommendations on conditioners that help with moisture, leave-in conditioners, or how to use an oil for sealing?

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- For the moisture you are lacking, layer your favorite light leave in conditioners. Layer it from lighter to heavier. I.E - I love the Jane Carter Revitalizing leave in and its a spray so that goes first. Then I will layer something heavier in a small amount, like the Oyin handmade hair dew (not really anymore because I feel like they changed the formula but whatevs lol) OR the living proof no frizz leave in OR Camille Rose fresh curl, and then in even less amount if I want something a little heavier then I add that last - like the Cantu repair leave in or Kinky curly knot today.- It is vital that on your wash day you use something that will infuse moisture into your hair thoroughly. If you have a great base, the rest wont be so hard to follow up. Make sure you are deep conditioning with heat, and not to say DIY is bad because I may be the queen of DIY lol, if that deep condish isnt infusing enough moisture you need to pick up something else or add that treatment before or after something. Find your fave deep condish and use it. Everyone's hair is different, but I can recommend Neutrogena's triple moisture or Shea Moisture's Raw shea butter deep treatment mask. A lot of people swear by Shea Moisture's jamacian black castor oil deep conditioner (it was NOT for me so I dont lol).- Try to add protein here and there. If your hair is normal to high porosity, you may need some protein because your moisture may very well be escaping. The aphogee two minute keratin treatment is awesome and everyone is different but I recommend it once monthly Or just a protein pack (like palmer's coconut oil protein treatment pack) whenever you feel like your waves/ curls lack luster and are limp and can not retain moisture. Your hair will tell you everything you need to know.- Seal in that moisture girluhhh. Lol you are already on the money as far as oils go. If those strands are fine you shouldnt be using heavy oils. Grapeseed, jojoba, tea tree, etc. If you really want to infuse a heavy oil into your regimen without greasy hair, just dilute it with a thinner oil like the ones I mentioned or sweet almond oil and argan oil.**Coconut oil is not a sealing oil. It is a moisturizing oil. If you follow the LOCO method to moisturize your hair, Coconut oil would be considered the oil you use first because it is not only light but moisturizing, it is not good for sealing in moisture!**Click here for some product recommendations for your normal to high porosity strands. Click here for leave-in recommendations for fine hair.BTW for better reference lol - I am "3c/4a", with highly porous fine strands, and HIGH density. I hope this helps! xo