Newbie, CG for week. Help! Hair dried incredibly fluffy and poofy today and I have no idea why?!

Hi, I'm new to the whole CG thing.  I started a week ago. I treated my hair to a home made hair mask (banana, EVOO, coconut oil), gave my hair one last wash with a sulphate shampoo, conditioned with a silicone free conditioner. Then I coconut oil DT overnight (13 hours to let the oil penetrate), washed with a sulphate free shampoo (creme of nature argan oil), co-washed with the tresemme naturals conditioner and voila I was starting my HD7 journey. Except it didn't seem to make much difference. My hair was a little softer but not much.  Since then I have only co-washed with tresemme naturals and a little of the same as a leave in. I had a hair disaster two days ago trying to use umberto gianini schrunching jelly  (My curls turned into mini curl strings that looked like they were all heading in the same direction together but remained seperated and strand-ey, but I think thst might be because I tried to put s little coconut oil on top of the gel). Left my hair alone yesterday as I wasn't going anywhere and it STILL looked stringy strand curls. Decided to wash it today (co-washed) and just see what would happen if I just left some conditioner in and let it dry naturally and do it's own thing.  Well, it's is softer than I ever remember it being, but it's kind of fluffy looking (which again it's never been). I feel like a lion with a poofy mane. What am I doing wrong?! I was hoping CG would be the answer for my hair.  I was hoping my clumpy ringlety/waves would be defined,  but clumpy, soft, bouncy and curlier, they're soft all right, but (I'm not sure), but I think the softness is messing they're less defined more like soft poofy frizz clumps.Sorry for the long post but I need some guidance. Type 2B/C, hoping to achieve 3A. Always been told my hair is thick by hairdressers,  density:High ("you have enough hair to stuff a matress" - hairdressers), I'm guessing on the coarser side, it is naturally black (every one says I look like snow white :-( ), thick, big (I get half the weight thinned out when I get it cut), and wavy curly with some waves joining together to get form big ringlety curl things. Unsure of my porosity,  I'm guessing I should be careful of protein although it didn't seem bothered my banana mask and I used two bananas in it (needed three though as I couldn't quite cover all my hair).Please help me.  Any advice would be so gratefully received and appreciated. Bought boots pink and purple curl creme and gel today to try. Have umberto gianini schrunching jelly.Co-wash/RO/LI - Tresemme naturals nourishing/moisturisingSulphate Free Shampoo (only used once) - Creme Argan

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It is very common to have an "adjustment period" when you first start the CG method. There are some that get results right away, but it seems most of us it takes a little time before we get the new routine down and for our hair to start responding to the difference. For me, it took about a month before my hair appeared more healthy and the frizz really dropped away to reveal the curls I enjoy today.... and that was several years ago! :)I suggest you check out Lorraine Massey's book (if you haven't already!) and also tune in to the CG message board here. It may also be that the particular products you are using aren't right for your hair. That's another benefit of checking out the message boards to see what products are working for others. I've never tried anything made by tresemme while I was doing the CG method, but if it helps you here's the products I use: vo5 coconut conditioner (co-wash), Nature's Gate aloe vera conditioner (conditioner, detangler and leave-in), Fruit of the Earth 100% aloe vera gel (styling product), SheaMoisture coconut and hibiscus curling smoothie (styling product), coconut oil (pre-shampoo treatment and/or deep treatment), SheaMoisture raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo ("clarifying" shampoo that I use occasionally).