Is it normal for the ends to dry the fastest, and get a "frayed" look as a result?

I'm new to the whole Curly Girl method, and I'm getting really frustrated.  Still having issues with frizz and random hairs that snarl and refuse to clump together into actual curls (though I can tell they're trying), but otherwise my hair has some really awesome bouncy waves and curls when it's sopping wet or damp.But then the second it starts drying, trouble starts.  The ends always seem to dry first, and the result is a frizzy mess.  Don't have any pictures handy, but the dry ends looks almost like an upside-down fan on a long stem, with the still-wet hair as the "stem" and the dry ends spreading out into the "fan."  I've noticed this makes it extremely difficult to style my hair at all, too, since I keep ending up with hairs at the ends splitting away and trying to say "bye-bye!"Is there some important step that I'm missing here?  A product that I'm supposed to be using?  Am I not conditioning enough, or not the right way?  Or is this some kind of weird "user error" on my part?Note:  I have been experimenting with oil.  So far the only two that don't weigh down my hair and leave it with a lingering oily feel are grapeseed and argan oil.  And even then, the ends still end up dry, frizzy, and crackling.

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Hi, it may mean that you need a trim?? Especially if your last haircut used slicing in or heavy layering. Blunt works best for curls. I don't mean no layers just that each curl/wave should be cut straight not angled in or piecey. Beyond that, a product with some slip on the ends might help like Curl Keeper or Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle. You can use a little of the oil you like and then I'd suggest a gel. Herbal Essence Totally Twisted or Tresemme Extra Firm Hold gels are light to medium hold and the crunch scrunches out easily --for me too easily. I need/like a firmer hold and then scrunch out the crunch and I get much better curl retention for the whole day. Since you said that you have better curl when wet then you want to capture that with gel. Our curl pattern looks best when wet because that's when it has the most moisture. So, you may also need more moisture. GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally is a great conditioner as are most of those in the Shea Moisture lines. I would do the strand test too to test your porosity level (look it up on here). That may give you some direction as to how your hair might behave. Lastly, when you have finished applying all our products use a spray bottle to add a little water to the ends so that they are closer to the roots in terms of wetness. Hope that helps a bit. (sorry don't know why the font got so big).Cheers!