is it ok for me to condition my hair everyday? how often should I deep condition?

which conditioners would u recommend? 

3 Answers

Conditioning everyday is fine! I would suggest deep conditioning based on your buildup and moisture. I deep condtion every other week. 
it depends on your hair. i would put a leave in conditioner in your hair. sometimes if you condition the hair too much its moisture overload. it just depends on your hair. if you have properly moisturized hair, you might not need to condition every day. i cowash every 3-4 days and have a leave in conditioner under my styling product, i spritz my hair to bring the curls back to life in the morning. i deep condition once a week, after a wash. i made the mistake once of thinking that my hair needed to be deep conditioned every couple days because it was dry and my hair started shedding like crazy and felt mushy, but a couple protein treatments fixed it. you would have to try and see if your hair likes it. its all a process, again it depends on your hair
shea moisture has some nice deep conditioners. i like the jamaican black castor oil deep conditioner. ive used the cantu shea butter leave in as a deep conditioner before. i like coconut oil and honey mixture. if you want an everyday conditioner, not a leave in, tresemme conditioners are awesome. dove conditioners and i loved the herbal essences hello hydration