Is it ok to deep condition your hair with coconut&olive oil?

I mix coconut oil and olive oil together as a hair mask (some little creatures have been putting FISH OILS in my mix) and I leave it on all night, and wash and condition in the morning. I wash 2X with a average shampoo, and I have been told that what I am doing is highly incorrect! Sos?!

2 Answers

I use an olive and coconut oil mixture as well, and I add castor oil to. There's nothing wrong with that. Whoever tells you it's incorrect I think they might refer to the shampoo, it's an average shampoo you say so it probably has sulfates and other chemicals in it. Many curlies use the CG-method, do you use natural products as well?
oil treatments are great although I sometimes mix a bit of olive oil into my conditioner and deep condition with that