Is it ok to deep conditioner overnight?

I've yet to leave in a conditioner overnight but I've been wanting to try it - however, I heard it could actually do more harm than good to deep condition that long - is this true? What actually happens to your hair if you do so?Thanks for your time! 

3 Answers

It depends on your hair texture and if you add chemical to it , like bleach or color . Deep conditioners are designed to lock in moisturise and enhance volume and create body and natural shine . 2 to 3 hours is all you really need to bring you hair to its normal PH level . If your over-condition your hair it becomes weak and can cause damage . Like hair loss or shedding . 
Ive done it before it made my hair super super soft and easy to manage. i don't do it all the time though. Maybe every other month if i don't wanna wash it out.
there's no need to do it overnight. you will achieve the same results in a couple of hours as long as you're only using curl friendly products.