Is it okay to condition everyday?

I have 3b hair & only wash my hair 2 times a week. The rest of the days I wet & detangle my hair in the shower, put in conditioner, & put it up til the end of my shower. When I'm done, I rinse all of it out with cold water. However, when I'm watching YouTuber's curly hair routines & such, they always say "day 3" hair & other things that make me think they don't condition or get their hair wet everyday? They'll just show them refreshing it with a spray bottle. It seems like it would be hard for me to shower everyday without getting my hair wet & would also feel less clean to me. So do you wet & condition curly hair everyday? Is it bad to? 

1 Answer

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I'm having major curl envy right now lol. But in regards to your question, it's completely alright to wet and condition your hair everyday! As long as the conditioner does not contain harsh chemicals and that you detangle gently, it's alright. Wetting and conditioning is actually a way of refreshing 2nd day curls. In many of those spray bottles, they simply mix their conditioner with water and just spray their hair to make it more convenient. I completely understand, I can't go a day without detangling in the shower, because if I don't, my hair looks matted and feels stiff, tangled, and unclean.