Olive oil & Coconut oil conditioning

I did a mostly Olive with a little bit of coconut oil over night condition last week. I washed it out and my hair did not feel particularly soft and it really didn't do much for the curl in fact it was pretty frizzy..Today I just washed it with Fructis fallout and conditioner, and it looks fabulous. My curls are big and bouncy and clump together in spirals and circles.. does this mean I am protein sensitive and should do a different type of condition?? My hair is so unpredicatable.I need to know what I did right..so I can do it again !

2 Answers

Hello Jessiejess, It sounds to me like maybe your hair has trouble absorbing moisture. Have you done a porosity test? Check out this page to learn more. http://www.naturallycurly.com/texture-typing/hair-... The ingredient that is probably making your hair look fabulous in Garnier Fructis is a silicone. Feel free to use it, but be careful with product buildup, especially if your hair does turn out to be low porosity.Take the porosity test, and then go from there. You'll learn a lot about how best to care for it! Good luck! 
Hmm, Okay, I think it is low porosity.. so  a silicone wouldn't be so bad provided I keep it from too much build up then? thanks!