Problem hair or bad routine?

About 15 months ago I started washing my hair with Bicarbonate of Soda and rinsing with Vinegar. For months and months my hair looked beautiful, defined, bouncy and everything you could ever dream, but over time it became undefined, VERY DRY and frizzy. So I started to use a Shea Butter and oil hair cream I made myself and it started to look even better than it did before (image) then I did this routine for a while, but my sister explained that my roots and scalp are healthy, but the ends of my hair are dry and need moisture. So I've been buying hair products with  no chemicals as I'm aware this damages your hair and three weeks ago started washing with Shea Moisture products and in all honesty my hair has never looked so rubbish! I'm wondering if maybe my hairs freaking out because of all the sudden changes as a few weeks before I used Shea moisture to wash my hair instead of Bicarb I also started to plait my hair every night and put coconut oil in it and it's grown significantly. I'm just rather confused it seems that if I put the coconut oil and plaits in for bed and rinse in the morning my hair is soft and moisturised, but if I put my coconut oil in after my shower in the morning then it looks simply horrendous, stringy and frizzy? 

2 Answers

Forgot to attach a picture of how it looks now...
I have read before that using baking soda and vinegar on your hair is fine for a "once in a while" thing, but over time, it can really dry your hair out. As for the Shea Moisture Line, some things work great for some curls and not so great for others. That line never really worked well for me, so now I use the Cantu line and it works great! I have 3b hair that is REALLY dry. When you style your hair, make sure you style it while it's wet, this way the moisture from the water will get sealed in by the product. Coconut oil also kind of makes my hair stringy. Try making a hair mask out of things such as olive oil, eggs, avocados, honey, yogurt...stuff like that. Mayo works well too, but you shouldn't use that too often (or eggs) because it has a high protein content and too much protein can actually make your hair dull and weak.I love Cantu's Curl Activator Cream. I follow that with some sort of gel like the Shine and Define Gel.Also, make sure that your products don't have any alcohol in them, as this can really dry your hair out. And if you use heat in any way, try to just air dry. Hope this helps!