Protein free hair products for toddler with extremely damaged hair from coconut oil and leave-in.

Back in October, used coconut oil on my 18 mo old girl's hair at bath time. It didn't rinse out all the way, but I figured it was no big deal. I followed with her regular leave in conditioner, and the next day washed it out.Well, the day after that her hair turned to straw and started breaking off..badly. i switched shampoo & conditioner, and by Christmas her hair was starting to look and feel more normal (but still way thinner). One day, it felt dry so dry, I thought I'd try her old leave-in conditioner again. So I used it and by the next day, her hair was straw again and thinned and broke off so bad she has about 1/3 of her original hair left. The front and sides of her were almost down to her chin, now she has super- short bangs (from breakage). It's breaking so bad. I feel so guilty...I just need to know what I CAN use on her hair. It seems like almost anything I use makes it worse. Poor girl has almost no hair left! Please help!

1 Answer

One thing you can probably be sure of is that her hair doesn't like extra protein (not sure which protein, they are different ones with different attributes) but look at the ingredients in the products you were using to start with.She may have low porosity hair so you can start by reading about that here: I don't think the coconut oil was what caused breakage, but I would be sure to rinse it out well  and not use much if you do use it because, it does make my low porosity hair feel pretty stiff/straw-like if I use too much.You might try some homemade recipes: and keep it simple to fewer ingredients so that you can rule out what her hair likes and doesn't like and then research what those ingredients are actually doing. For example if you use vegetable glycerin, that is a humectant (, so you could decide whether or not her hair does well with some humectants.Have you tried sheaMoisture or sheaMoisture kids?I'm sorry you're having so much difficulty :( Don't feel guilty! You are just trying to take good care of her hair in the best way you know how. I really hope this helps and that you can figure out what works!