Are protein treatments bad for 3b hair? My hair is super frizzy in the back if that helps.

my hair has been spirally before but that was because I put wayyy to much product in my hair and washed it every day. I stopped doing that and only use 2 products in my hair but the frizz still remains. But I don't know if the protein treatment would be too much on my hair. 

2 Answers

Protein treatment is good for any hair types. Hairs are made of protein and it keeps the strands firm and strong.
via The Science of Black HairThe unique relationship that exists between the protein and moisture balances within the hair strand is not simply a case of balancing opposing forces one over the other to prevent hair breakage. These two components work together synergistically to produce a healthy head of hair, and neither can work well without the other. Keeping the hair balanced between these two entities is very important.TOO much of anything isn't ever good... Seems like you need to find the correct balance between Moisture/Protein treatments, rotate them on and off. See if this helps.. .. Upon Using Protein Treatments;Some hair types will need more protein treatments than others. For slightly damaged hair, a treatment once per month is more than adequate. For severely damaged hair or hair that is often styled, a treatment once per week will protect the hair follicles from further damage and help repair any current damage. Natural hair that has little to no damage would still benefit from a protein treatment at least once every two months to keep up the hair's natural strength and shine.Follow the directions listed on the protein treatment's packaging for the best results. Make sure that you buy the type of treatment you need based on the hair's current condition and remember to balance protein with moisture. Too much protein can make your hair rigid and lead to dryness and possibly breakage.