Really moisturizing conditioners that won't weigh hair down?

While my hair is thick, it still is wavy, so it can get weighed down by really mositurizing conditioners, but my hair needs that kind of moisture because it's really dry. I use an Aveda shampoo for damaged hair and then I just use some Jessicurl Too Shea condish for a rinse out and leave in. I have invested in some actual leave ins, but they weren't moisturizing enough or they just didn't work. So any suggestions of really moisturizing conditioners that don't weigh hair down? Also, I think my shampoo needs to be more mositurizing too, any suggestions that won't weigh hair down? Btw, I've tried Jessicurl Aleoba Conditoner, which is for fine/wavy hair that gets weighed down, and it was now where near enough moisture.

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