What's the difference between a DIY "strengthening" and "moisturizing" deep conditioner?

I absolutely love doing weekly DIY deep conditioning treatments with a heated cap for my dry waves/curls, but I don't know which treatments are "strengthening" vs. "moisturizing." I read in one of the responses that it's ideal to rotate treatments each week, so I was hoping you could share some wisdom about your favorite DIY treatments.For reference, these are the 3 I use:1. Curl Junkie Repair Me Reconstructive Hair Treatment (not DIY, obviously, but I wanted to throw this one in here!)2. Coconut oil, 1 egg, honey3. 100% unrefined Argan oilThank you so much in advance for your help, advice & time! :)

2 Answers

It looks like you're off to a great start!
Strengthening will most likely have proteins and botanicals in the ingredients and may also say words like "repairing", "for damaged hair" and they will likely add body as opposed to shine. In moisturizing conditioners, the ingredients would include oils, humectants, fatty alcohols and it will lessen frizz and increase shine.